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The Ychanger service works every day to improve the exchange system and optimize exchange processes as much as possible. Most of the improvements are introduced based on the needs of users and their requests. We decided to set up this process of interaction between the system and users on an ongoing basis using a bonus system.

The Ychanger bonus system provides, today, one format for receiving bonuses for feedback - writing a review on the BestChange service.

Such an opportunity appears for each user immediately after the payment of the exchange request is made:


Оставление отзыва о работе сервиса Ychanger

As you can see in the screenshot above, the maximum number of credited bonuses is 50.

The calculation of the number of accrued bonuses is based on the volume of the exchange request that the user conducts. The formula of the accrued bonuses is simple - 1% of the exchange amount, but not more than 50. When receiving a non-integer number of bonuses, rounding down to a whole number occurs.

Here are a few examples, for clarity and a closer look:

10,000 rubles application = 50 bonuses

5000 rubles application = 50 bonuses

1500 rubles application = 15 bonuses

Accruals are made up to 72 hours, but usually within a few hours after leaving a review.

So, you have created and paid for an application, as in the example in the screenshot above. Then follow the link on the same page to the BestChange monitoring site:


Оставление отзыва на мониторинге Bestchange

Here we click on the "Add Review" button:

Оставление отзыва на мониторинге Bestchange

In the form that opens, fill in the simplest fields and write your review:

Оставление отзыва на мониторинге Bestchange

Important! In the appropriate field, be sure to indicate the number of your exchange request, so we can easily identify you.

Bonuses are credited to the internal balance of the account from which the exchange was made and the feedback was left:


Начисление бонусов на сайте Ychanger

The user can use all accrued bonuses as payment for part of the application when carrying out the following exchanges. The maximum amount of bonuses used cannot exceed 20 percent.

This is how it looks when creating an exchange request:


Списание бонусов на сайте Ychanger
Списание бонусов на сайте Ychanger

As you can see, everything is as transparent and simple as possible.

This bonus program can be changed by the decision of the Ychanger service or canceled completely. Each user independently decides whether or not to participate in the bonus program. The bonus program is a type of reward introduced by the service for helping to improve Ychanger.

We thank all users for their feedback! Together we are only getting better!

Still have questions? Write to us via the communication channel convenient for you.